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ECS Selected Non-profit Website Portfolio

It is particularly important that a non-profit organization have an informative and attractive website, because the internet is the most cost-effective way to reach a large number of people. Elbel Consulting Services has developed many successful non-profit websites. Our integrated content management systems let you make changes to your own website. ECS also offers email campaign management and membership and customer database management.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform
Design by ECS using the Drupal content management framework.
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"It was a pleasure working with Fred Elbel to build the OFIR website from scratch. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but had no clue how to get it into website form. Fred was very patient and worked diligently to make the best site possible for our organization. He offered helpful tips and suggestions on how to get our site noticed, as well."

- OFIR President Cynthia Kendoll

"I was delighted with the design and arrangement that Fred Elbel prepared for OFIR's new website. The site is so well-organized. It's easy to approach; important recent information is easy to find. It is colorful yet pleasantly restrained. Fred has been a great teacher; with his training, the site can be maintained by volunteers and kept up to date much more easily. While the homepage appears simple and uncrowded, links on the side menu lead to a wealth of additional information readily available. We have had many compliments on the site. It is receiving high traffic, and we have experienced growth in the organization attributable to the new website."

- OFIR volunteer Elizabeth Van Staaveren

Center for Public Conscience
Design by ECS. Hosted by ECS.
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"Fred Elbel was recommended to me by a mutual friend and after an introductory phone conversation he designed and constructed the website for my letters of commentary, 'Matters Of Conscience'. Since this website's first appearance, it has been entirely under Fred's control.

Lacking any personal experience with computers, I have relied upon Fred to provide me with the education and information I would need to be able to make the best of my internet presence. He has always done this in a most willing and professional manner and with a high degree of responsibility over the three years of our association."

- Bromwell Ault, Center for Public Conscience, West Palm Beach, FL

World Population Balance
Design by ECS using the Drupal content management framework.
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This is a complete redesign of the website using the Drupal Content Management Framework. Most artwork was recreated (see the exponential growth example).

"Elbel Consulting Services did a fabulous re-design of our web site incredibly impressive! At the outset we discussed with Fred that the old site was a conglomeration of several platforms and older technologies and that an important issue was to consolidate and streamline all the pages during the re-design process.

Fred went above and beyond when it came to all of these challenges and implemented the website using the Drupal content management framework. We have had rave reviews about the finished product.

Of course, the fact that Mr. Elbel also is intimately aware and concerned about our organization's focus - humane and compassionate population stabilization - was a tremendous advantage for us as well."

David Paxson, President World Population Balance

Design by ECS 2002, redesign 2012. Drupal content management framework. Hosted by ECS.
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"Elbel Consulting Services developed our website nearly ten years ago and has enhanced and maintained it ever since. We have received many compliments on the how well-organized it is and on how much reference material it contains.

- Stan Weekes, State Director, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

Design by ECS. Hosted by ECS.
Includes bulletin board.
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"We were referred to Elbel Consulting Services when we needed a website for our new organization. But as a volunteer organization, we could not afford corporate rates. Fred agreed to develop a basic website for us at a very affordable non-profit rate. Fred worked with me to develop the precise logo we wanted. And the website is "hot" - take a look!

Fred enhanced the website over several years, but the best feature is that he added a bulletin board to our website so that our members can communicate with each other on legislation and various issues in different parts of the state. Fred has been great to work with and we recommend his website consulting services."

- Cheree Calabro, Co-director, IFIRE, Indiana

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration
Design by ECS. Hosted with ECS.
Drupal content management framework.
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"Because I spent many years as a newspaper reporter and editor, I asked Fred to develop a new website for us so that it reminded me of a well-laid out newspaper that was pleasing to the eye and allowed visitors to quickly navigate to where they wanted to go. I wanted it to be simple and to the point and, just as important, permitted me to edit it with ease in order to keep it current. Fred gave me exactly what I wanted, and I can't say enough about his ability to understand my needs and his professionalism in responding to my questions."

- Dave Gorak, Executive Director

"The web sight is clean and uncluttered allowing the visitors to intuitively move around the site and find what they want with minimal effort."

- Joe Daleiden, MCRI co-founder and first executive director

Minuteman Project
March and April, 2005
Design by third party. Significant enhancements and additions by ECS, including the majority of photos in photo gallery.
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"I had the pleasure of working with Fred Elbel during the original April, 2005 Minuteman Project in Arizona. Fred routinely worked 12-hour days as the project media liaison on this incredibly successful and visible project - which drew on-site visits and interviews not only from the US media, but from international media from Spain, Japan, South America, Mexico, Germany, the UK, Australia and other countries.

Our intent was to use the website as a means to reach the international media and the public with our message about non-confrontational enforcement of the rule of law on the border. This was possible only with Fred's tireless effort of updating the website on a nightly basis. He added hundreds of his own photographs to the website and went to extraordinary efforts to keep the website current - in an area where high-speed connections were few and far between.

I heartily recommend Elbel Consulting Services for superlative website work, marketing and media relations."

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA - Founder and President
Jim Gilchrist's MINUTEMAN PROJECT, INC. (DBA The Minuteman Project), Arizona/California

Montana Mile
Design by ECS. Hosted by ECS.
Includes ECS Content Center Pro.
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"We at Montanans for Immigration Law Enforcement are very pleased with the website Fred Elbel created for us. We've received many compliments on its appearance, but those compliments really should go to Mr. Elbel.

Mr. Elbel led us through the entire process, regularly asking for our input and requests and making suggestions based upon his experience when we were stymied by our own indecisiveness.

One notable, behind-the-scenes feature that Mr. Elbel built into our site is that we are able to edit a large fraction of its content ourselves, with minimal effort and at our own convenience. Because of our modest budget, this capability is especially important to us."

- Paul Nachman, Montanans for Immigration Law Enforcement

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
Co-webmaster 1995-1997
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The American Resistance
Design by ECS. Hosted by ECS.
Includes store, photo gallery.
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(See referral, below, under The Dustin Inman Society)

The Dustin Inman Society
Design by ECS. Hosted by ECS.
Includes blog, photo gallery.
Over 600 web pages, not including blog.
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As president of the Dustin Inman Society and co-founder of the soon-to-be renamed Americans for Sovereignty, which both have widely read websites, I can and do heartily recommend my friend Fred Elbel as webmaster for anyone who wants professional, efficient and dependable service.

Fred has designed, developed and maintained three websites for me over the years and simply put: I could not function without his expertise and dependable "above and beyond" always there for the client service.

In addition to installing a blog, Fred has managed the email alert system that allows us to effortlessly send out timely and news and alerts to the thousands of subscribers on my list. I can view a website, but Fred knows all there is to know about what makes it work and what is needed to keep it current and finely tuned.

I came to Fred for web development work on the praise and recommendations of many others and can assure anyone considering use of his skills that he works far harder than reflected by his nominal and fair fees.

Thanks to Fred Elbel, my websites have a content management system so easy to use that even I can quickly and easily post articles online. (This may be the highest praise possible!)

Besides being a great American, patient and a joy to work with, Fred Elbel is one of the nicest people I know and an irreplaceable part of my own online presentation to the world.

- D.A. King, president, Dustin Inman Society, Marietta, Georgia

The Social Contract
Original design by third party.
Hosted by ECS. Webmaster since 2007.
Implemented ECS Precision Article
Manager with over 1,500 journal articles.
Includes store.
Edited numerous videos on the website.
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"Several years ago, we realized we needed a professional web designer for our website. We asked Fred Elbel to take over our website and we are extremely pleased with that decision.

Fred undertook a lengthy project to organize fifteen years journals - and over 1,500 articles - into a new article manager. The results are exactly what we were looking for. Each article can be found within the respective journal, or it can be searched for by title, author, and content. The presentation is clean, attractive and easy to navigate, and most important, the articles are fully-formatted with embedded pictures and charts.

In addition, Fred has been instrumental in getting our message out on the website. He has edited videos of many press conferences and presentations and has made them available on the website.

Perhaps the most unacknowledged success is the fact that we are hosting the website with Fred's company. This has provided us with a stable environment and fast response to our support needs. The level of service has been excellent!

I recommend Elbel Consulting Services to anyone who needs serious website consulting and hosting."

- Wayne Lutton, Editor, The Social Contract, Petoskey, Michigan

Veterans for Secure Borders
Design by ECS. Hosted by ECS.
Online registration and public comments.
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"When forming our organization, I realized that it would be primarily a web presence that would serve as a focal point for Veterans nation-wide. I contacted Fred Elbel and provided him with material and ideas for the website. In short order, he produced an attractive website that conveyed the essence of our organization - really top-notch. He implemented the ability for supporters to display their names publicly on the website and to post public comments on the website. I would recommend Fred to anyone who wants quality website work."

- Bob Park, Prescott, Arizona