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Protect Our City

Protect Our City

Protect Our City is a citizens' initiative that will amend the Phoenix city charter to require all officials, agencies, and personnel of the City of Phoenix, including the Phoenix Police Department, to cooperate with and assist federal immigration authorities in enforcing immigration laws within the boundaries of the city. In addition, no official, personnel or agent of the City of Phoenix will be prohibited or in any way restricted from sending, receiving, or maintaining, information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual, or exchanging such information with any other federal, state or local government entity.

Phoenix citizens will do "the job our Governor, Mayor and Council won't do."

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"We'll see them in court."

On January 11, the AZ Supreme Court will hear the appeal for citizens in Prop 405, the Protect Our City initiative. See the articles:

If the AZ Supreme Court finds for us, the "Protect Our City" initiative will appear on a 2007 ballot-either a special election or the scheduled City Council election in September 2007.

When the Nail'em group holds their 2007 session for voters to meet mayoral and council candidates, we urge every Phoenix voter to attend and hold their feet to the fire:

(1) Why does the City of Phoenix continue to offer illegal alien sanctuary?
(2) Why should the voters of Phoenix "do the job that the mayor and council won't do?"

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